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Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching is a professional partnership that helps individuals and couples envision and create extraordinary results in their committed relationships. Through the process of coaching,
  • Clients first define their vision of a fulfilling, committed relationship and then develop a plan of action to achieve that vision.
  • Clients are provided with the support, structure and accountability to successfully reach their relationship goals.
  • Clients are assisted in identifying the roadblocks that interfere with achieving their vision.
  • Clients are assured the safety and trust to help gain the clarity and awareness needed to address those roadblocks and make conscious choices in creating the relationship of their dreams!

"Through my coaching sessions with Christina, I discovered and learned new ways of having more satisfying relationships. I let go of some relationships and I put more time and energy in others. I have learned that, when it comes to relationships, quality is indeed more important than quantity.”  - Chris Van East

Are you looking for more meaningful relationships?Healthy Relationships

  • Are you bored in your existing relationships?
  • Do you want healthier and more meaningful relationships with family members, friends and/or colleagues?
  • Do you want to change some friendships?
  • Do you want to exit some relationships?

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