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Couple Coaching

What are the characteristics of a couple ready to be coached?Happy Couple

  • Committed to the coaching process.
  • Able to identify strengths in themselves, their partner, and the relationship.
  • Willing to take personal responsibility.
  • Desire, willingness and readiness to move forward.

What do I do for you as your coach?

  • I listen to each of you individually and the both of you
    as a couple.
  • I help you clarify your values in order to create both your personal and relationship visions.
  • I teach you and help you use the mirroring technique for effective communication.
  • I help you establish and implement an action plan using various coaching techniques and skills.
  • I am authentic and I am there to help the both of you to get to where you want to be.

How do you compare relationship coaching for couples to couple therapy?

Just as life coaching is a distinct alternative to Psychotherapy, relationship coaching for couples is a distinct alternative to couple therapy.

Similarities between Relationship Coaching and Therapy

  • Ongoing, confidential relationship between therapist or coach and clients.
  • Coaches and therapists work with clients to make changes in their lives.
  • Atmosphere of safety and trust is required in both professions to sustain the relationship and to best serve the clients.
  • Coaches and therapists empower their clients to lead meaningful and productive lives.

Differences between Relationship Coaching for Couples and Couple Therapy

  • Coaching for Couples focuses on the strengths in the relationship and builds on them whereas Couple Therapy focuses first on the problem areas and then tries to fix them.
  • Coaching is much more focused on where the couple is going while Couple therapy looks more at where the couple came from.
  • Coaching for Couples is generally a much shorter journey than Couple therapy.

Just as Individual Coaching brings out the best in the individual, I believe Couple Coaching brings out the best in the couple and the relationship.

Couple Coaching works because it brings out the best in YOU and in the relationship.