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Personal Life Coaching

Personal Life Coaching is a professional relationship that helps individuals envision and create extraordinary results in their lives. Through the process
of coaching,
  • Clients first define their vision of the life that they want to live and then develop a plan of action to achieve that vision.
  • Clients are assisted in identifying the roadblocks that interfere with achieving their vision.
  • Clients are assured the safety and trust to help gain the clarity and awareness needed to address those roadblocks and make conscious choices in creating the life they choose for themselves. Clients are provided with the support, structure and accountability to successfully live their vision.

What are some of the characteristics of an individual ready to be coached?

  • Prepared to work from the inside out.
  • Committed to improve the quality of one’s own life.
  • Able to identify some strengths in the self.
  • Willingness to take personal responsibility for one’s own happiness
    and success.
  • Willingness and readiness to move forward and extend when
    and if necessary.
  • Willingness and readiness to make some changes and to take some calculated risks, when and if necessary.
  • Willing and ready to design a life for the self.
Note: If you possess one or more of the above listed characteristics, you
may be ready for coaching.
“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” - Neale Walsch

What do I do for you as a coach?

  • I listen fully to what you have to say.
  • I help you clarify your values in order to create your vision.
  • I support, guide and lead you when called for.
  • I teach you when necessary and desirable.
  • I motivate, encourage and help you stay on your path.
  • I help you create and implement an action plan using various coaching techniques.
  • I am authentic and I am there to help you to get to where you want to be.
  • I give you specific suggestions when called for.

Personal Life Coaching vs. Therapy

Find out more about the differences and similarities between
Personal Life Coaching and Therapy.


When you are ready, I believe Personal Life Coaching does

bring the best out of you!

“I had a good idea where I was in my life and where I wanted to go yet I had no clue how to get there. With Christina’s guidance and support I was able to have a much clearer vision, recognize the road blocks on the way, and live my vision sooner and faster than I ever imagined.”
- Martine Watson, Toronto

"Being coached helped me to grow and develop. I was afraid before. I could not have done what I did and I would not be where I am today without the help of my personal life coach who supported me and which kept me on track. I am very grateful to Christina. I know what I want in my life now and how to stay on track."
- Lucia M. - Toronto

"Through coaching with Christina, I have learned to appreciate much more the good things in life. I have learned to feed the good, the positive and the constructive. It is amazing! I have even learned some shortcuts to happiness which then led me to feel more fulfilled. I would recommend Christina to anybody who is looking for more happiness, joy and fulfillment in life"
- Tammy Doris, Oakville

"Now I am able to say 'no' to certain people and in certain situations. Prior to my coaching with Christina, it was very difficult and sometimes impossible for me to say 'no'. Now I have more time and space for myself. It feels good."
- Michelle C., North York