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Personal Life Coaching vs. TherapyCoaching Helps!


Similarities between Life Coaching and Therapy

  • They are both helping professions
  • The confidentiality is crucial in both professions
  • Both professions see the client as Whole
  • Coach and Therapist both use a non judgemental approach
  • The client brings the agenda in both professions
  • Coaches and therapists both empower their clients


Differences between Therapy and Personal Life Coaching

  • Coaching focuses much more on the future whereas therapy mostly deals with the past
  • Coaching is more ‘doing’ and ‘goal’ oriented while therapy is more ‘being’ oriented – trying to understand where one came from
  • Coaching is more geared towards well-functioning people while therapy is more geared to people who want to work out some unresolved issues
  • The relationship between a coach and client is very different from the relationship between a therapist and client
  • Coaching sessions usually happen over the telephone while therapy sessions usually happen face to face

When you are ready, I believe Personal Life Coaching does

bring the best out of you!