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All events below can be tailored according to preferences of the group in terms of location of where they are held, as well as the days they take place.

Contact us directly to discuss how to customize any of the below events for you.

10 Keys to creating a Harmonious, Happy and Fulfilling life.

Research tells us that happier people are healthier and more successful.

Want to learn how to have more joy, harmony and happiness in your life?
Want to learn how to create greater fulfillment in your life?

You too can choose to welcome more joy, happiness, harmony and fulfillment into your life.

Learn how to live a happier and healthier life with greater harmony and fulfillment by using shortcuts and building new strategies.

Shortcuts to Creating more Happiness and Joy in your life.


  • Greater understanding of the importance of being happy
  • Increased awareness of your choices and behaviours
  • Becoming a better co-creator of your own life
  • Learning how to choose for happiness
  • Having more fun and joy in your life
  • Experiencing more happiness and fulfillment; both short and long term

Roadmap to Creating more Harmony and Fulfillment in your life:
  • Recognizing one's power to create more happiness and joy in life
  • Skills to use that power effectively
  • Getting to know one self better in the process
  • Increased awareness of one's own responsibility for one's life and happiness
  • Living a richer, more satisfying and fulfilled life

"I have learned a lot during this one day workshop. As a result, I feel much better equipped to live a happier and more fulfilling life. I feel inspired. I can not wait to put some of these techniques into practice. I feel confident that, even if I focus on only one or two of the techniques, things will change for me and the ones around me." - Past Participant, Toronto.

Note: Due to the depth of the material covered, this workshop is only being offered to small groups over one and a half to two days. The workshop will be conducted at a site decided upon by the group.
Location: ON-SITE
Cost: Day and Group Rates are available upon request.

2. Any of the Programs or 2-Hour Events as a "Lunch & Learn"

3. Boundaries can be scheduled over multiple evenings or over a week-end.

4. Manifesting Core Values - Goal Setting can be scheduled over multiple evenings or over

   a week-end.