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What is Coaching?

The term Coaching can be associated with the world of sports, where athletes rely on the unconditional support of someone “on their side” who brings out the best in them.


Life Coaching is rooted in many different disciplines such as Consulting, Psychology, Philosophy, Spirituality, Sports, Management, Leadership and Business.

Freud, Jung, Adler, Rogers, and Maslow are called "The Grandfathers" of Coaching while Socrates can be called the "Great-Grandfather of Coaching."

Carl Rogers emphasized the need for “Unconditional Positive Regard” of the client in the process of change. From him, we draw the emphasis on the whole person using the "Wheel of Balance". Alfred Adler's contribution was mainly the introduction of focusing on the solution while Socrates emphasized the method of inquiry.

From Abraham Maslow we draw the framework for the field of Life Coaching. Maslow's research addressed what it took to live with vitality and purpose. Life coaches in the 1990's determined the need to help people live more effectively and with greater purpose.

Today coaching is a unique profession. It has taken approaches of psychology, philosophy, business and spirituality. It uses techniques of therapy, counseling, consulting and mentoring to create a powerful alliance - a partnership of sorts - to help clients live their lives better, create more fulfillment, and live their hopes and dreams.

Clarifying and achieving meaningful goals are normally at the core of Life Coaching, however further dimensions are involved:
  • Increased self-care
  • Completing your past
  • Building a strong personal foundation
  • Investing in healthy relationships
  • Balancing different areas such as work/family/health/creativity

Coaching is effective as it brings out the best in YOU!
It is a powerful means of tapping the power within YOU!